Leaving Tracks

There's something enchanting about the converging lines of railroad tracks.  For years photographers have been drawn to them as a key element in portraits.  Did you know that getting on the tracks or even the gravel bed along side them is illegal?  Railroad tracks are private property owned by the railroads and it is considered trespassing to get on their property without permission. In fact, at most crossings where you have easy access to the tracks it is posted. "No Trespassing" or "Private Property" signs will be posted.  Not only is it illegal to be on private property, it is incredibly dangerous. In the past year I have read articles in the news of at least 2 people that were killed by being on the tracks when a train came.  Sometimes they were even out on a trestle where they didn't have time to get off the tracks and had no where to go to get out of the way of the train.  These deaths are completely avoidable. It's simple, DON'T DO IT.  As a professional photographer, I do not do portraits on railroad tracks for that very reason.  Sure, I used to do them but then when it was brought to my attention that it is trespassing, I stopped.  Please do not do these yourself either.  The fines are steep but the injuries are even steeper!

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