Spring Break

Hey everyone!  This week is Spring Break for most of our schools.  Are you going on a trip? Take lots of pictures. Here are a few tips!

Photos are the best way to preserve the memories with your family and friends for years to come. Be sure and get yourself in the photos as well. We shutterbugs like to snap pix of everyone having fun and seldom hand the camera over to someone else and get in the photos too.  Make sure your family and friends see your face in their albums too.  There are all kinds of simple steps to get better photos.  A few of these are to get closer, be still, and find good light.  Without going into a lot of detail, I'll touch on each of these.  Getting closer seems obvious but have you ever taken photos then when you looked at them later realized everyone was so small?  As people, we're sometimes afraid we'll get into people's personal space or make them uncomfortable with the camera.  If that's the case, use the zoom but GET CLOSER.  Make sure your subject is the dominent thing in the photograph.  If you're taking a photo of people in front of a landmark or building and you want that to show too, this is a great time to use the wide angle of the lens and get physically closer.  That way your subjects are big enough to see, but the wide angle still gets a lot of the background in the image.  Try to hold still and gently squeeze the button rather than giving it a quick, hard push or tap. Keep your arms in close to your body as well as this will help stabilize the camera.  As far as finding good light, this can be tricky.  I prefer to shoot in the shade when the opportunity presents itself, but if the background of the photo is out in the sun you'll have a problem.  At this point, be sure and use your flash on the camera.  See your camera's manual for tips and suggestions on using the flash outside.  If you'd like to know more, feel free to drop me an email and I'll do the best to answer your questions!  Have a great week! Be safe!

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